A brief history of Messianic faith in Kenya

Messianic faith in Kenya has been linked to Elder Andrew Nugget Dugger who was the most influential leader of the Church of God 7th day prior to 1950’s in America and later migrated to Israel in1953 together with his wife Effie. He established the Mt. Zion reporter Ministry in Jerusalem and later coordinated this Ministry to Africa hence Kenya (for more information on Elder A.N Dugger read his book:


Back in 1968, Elder A.N Dugger sent tracts to Limuru Theological College where one Elder Edward Macharia worked. Letters between the two ensued and later on Elder Dugger would send a Missionary to Kenya named Schumaker in 1970. This one month trip would change Kenya’s religious direction. He preached, taught and baptized and most importantly ordained 17 Elders from different localities in the republic.

Today in Kenya many are different Messianic groups affiliated to this origin though with slight differences in doctrines or administration structures. Nonetheless, they all share the principal beliefs based on original A.N Dugger tract on 40 points of our Doctrine written in 1917. Perhaps the major difference observed between us and the majority of these Messianic churches (groups) is that we observe both the Seventh- Day Sabbath (Saturday) and call upon the Creator by His Hebrew revealed personal name, Yahweh and His son by His given name, Yahshua. This is in contrast to the first Messianic congregation registered in Kenya as Jerusalem church of God 7th day who would not use titles like God, but instead use Elohim, Yahshua Messiah instead of Jesus Christ.



The Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh was founded in 1992, and registered in 1994 under the society Acts of the Republic of Kenya under section 45 as a non-profit organization. Before then, this noble idea and inspiration was birthed after Bishop Peter Kihara’s trip to the Holy city Jerusalem in April to May 1988.


April-May 1988 was a year of great inspiration when Bishop Peter Kihara then an Elder in the Church of God 7th day traveled to Jerusalem in Israel. While there he was received by Elder Gordon Fauth who took over the Ministry from Elder A.N Dugger after his demise.


During this one- month stay he also met Elder Dunkelberger under mysterious circumstances and would later partner in taking the Ministry deeper into Kenya. He also met Elder Yeremiah Ben Yosef. A revelation of the Sacred Names inspired Bishop Peter so much and while there he was ordained by both Elder Joseph Dunkelberger and Elder Yeremiayah Ben Yosef to carry the Sacred Names back home.


On his return from Israel, Elder Peter preached about the Sacred Names taking this message everywhere he went the thing that displeased some of the tetrarchs of the Church of God 7th day who had expedited Israel earlier in 1977 but had opted to conceal most of the things they had learnt while there in the sheer fear of their doctrine loosing ground here in Kenya. There were efforts to make Elder Peter disown the teachings and the revelation of the Sacred Names but all in vain. He was and still is determined to carry this special message everywhere. To that end, he parted way with these brethrens and that was the onset of a new and an adventurous journey of Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh.

However, the Jerusalem visit had many blessing for Elder Peter and the young Messianic Assembly of Yahweh. The friendship made while there bore fruits for afterwards, Elder Joseph Dunkelberger visited Kenya time and again. It can also well be said that the Jerusalem visit paved way for Bishop Peter to visit the brethren in the U.S.A.

1ST U.S.A VISIT (May Sept 2002)

Elder Peter visited the U.S.A in May 2002 and was well received by Brother Charles Reich and his wife Jane together with Brother Joseph Dunkelberger and his wife. They invited and sponsored his trip and hosted him for 4 months- The duration he spent there. These brethren introduced him to Elder Jacob C. Meyer of Assemblies of Yahweh in Messiah who had on a separate mission visited Kenya and this time he got much interest after meeting Elder Peter. He also meet Bro. Steve Vanderwarf who had been corresponding with him for same time, he got to know this Brother though a friend called Pastor James. This visit allowed them to meet face to face and know each other better. Later on Bro. Steve introduced him to another friend of his called Simon Cruz. These two Brethren promised him that if he was to come back again they could spare sometime to show him around and assist him carry out his visionate mission. Note worth, Bro. Charles Reich & Bro. Dunkelbergers Families donated some financial assistance that helped in finishing the Assemblies hall in Zimmerman Nairobi. Three years later, Elder Peter would come back. This trip opened cordial friendship and paved way of yet another visit.

2nd U.S.A VISIT (May Sept 2005)

Bro. Charles Reich and his wife Jane sponsored Bishop Peter and his wife for his second trip to the U.S.A. during this visit Bro. Steve Vanderwarf kept his word: This Bro. coordinated and sponsored their trips to various states during the 4 months stay. In both visits, Bishop Peter cohesively linked the Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh to these Yahweh - loved brethren who have been instrumental in strengthening the ministerial work in Kenya and across the East Africa region. For instance, bible donations from Elder Jacob C. Meyer and the Assembly of Yahweh in Messiah few but to name has been uplifting.


After touring the U.S.A in both accounts, Bishop Peter had met different brethren with slight difference in faith and doctrines who were so alienated from one another, the thing that made him sink deeper into the meaning of the body of Messiah as a unifying factor but not a disintegrator. This realization made him strong in advocating for unity in the body of Messiah to these Brethren and back home taught the Messianic’s on the same; receiving visitor without partiality regardless of their affiliations , differing faith or doctrinal disciplines. Missionaries are supposed to be exhorters and not anchors of divisions. We are called to be united but not separate in small groups of self-seekers.


Bro. Charles and his wife Jane have visited the Kenyan brethren frequently. They have contributed much to the development of Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh projects in Kenya. They have continually stood with this ministry up to date.

Elder Dunkelberger has been right there since the birth of this Ministry and during his visits, he taught many deep scriptural truths of essence to the spiritual growth of this Assembly .He has also donated his assistance to various projects.

Elder Jacob C. Meyer and his group of brethrens visits to Kenya have opened a window of spiritual awakening and growth .The word of truth has been fostered in a dynamic way. The donation of books-THE WORD OF YAHWEH scriptures has helped this Assembly in a greater way. The brethren in Kenya are now accessible to sacred names scriptures thanks to this mind.

In many ways of our growth we do acknowledge and appreciate this heart of Yahweh in these and many brethrens from the U.S.A



The Messianic Assembly of Yahweh has made remarkable strides in evangelism. The Assembly has grown to over 35 branches in Kenya with various branches across the borders like in the Republics of TANZANIA, UGANDA, CONGO, RWANDA and now BURUNDI. We do appreciate the assistance from the brethren across the globe this far and ascribe glory to Yahweh Almighty.


The Messianic Assembly of Yahweh has in its wings the Ministry of Youths which deals with various issues regarding the younger generation. Noticeable growth has been apprehended to this end thanks to the National Youth Administration Office.


This wing in-charge of all the activities regarding Youths and much growth in the recent past has been realized. The body is in charge of organizing and coordinating National Youth camps, seminars and retreats that are based on Yahweh’s word. More souls are being added to the Assembly through these meetings and many are being baptized. The Assembly virtually funds most of these treats and has much intention to keep on doing this.


The Assemblies eyes the scope for youths to realize their full potential in areas such as:

1] Self- progress

2] Creating of dynamic and influential youths capable of taking over the ministry in future

3] It is also in the Assembly’s minds to initiate exchange program for youths across the globe for exposure and interaction.


We have a dream project of Assembly’s own bible college; equipped and with facilities for hire such as meeting halls, children home and the like. A steering board has been elected to foresee the acquisition of a 5 acres land .


“We invite all well-wishers on board to share the blessings of Yahweh in realizing this momentous dream.

Yahweh bless you all. ”