Messianic Assembly Of Yahweh

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free…”

John 8:32

A very warm welcome to you! Thank you for your arrival here at the home of truth. I am sure you want to know why we are calling it the home of truth…

We are an independent Sabbath (7the Day) group preaching and teaching the Truth with Love. We are excited about Yahweh's plan of salvation for you and invite you to check out on our many well written what we believe articles.

Welcome to Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh’s website. This is a ministry where Yahshua Messiah is the Master. Lives are being changed and affected; the heavenly Kingdom is being advanced. Our new ministry site has been designed with you in mind, and we trust that you will be empowered to prosper as you visit its inspiring pages.

Our new ministry site has been designed with you in mind and your best interests at heart. We trust that you will be empowered to prosper as you visit its inspiring pages and send us your worthy feedback.


Why we are calling it the home of truth…

All the major religions the world over revolve around that truth in one why or the other. They all borrow from the concept of one Almighty Creator and in fact the Bible forms the basis of the main religions. The story of Adam and Eve is the main pillar of them all. But somewhere along the way opinions change and even completely new regions have been formed on the premise of that core believe that One Almighty Creator Created Adam and Eve and gave them dominion over all there is in the world after creating it.

1. So what is the real name of our Almighty Creator and why has He been renamed so many times?

2. If we all came from one Father why do we have different believes based on the same story?

3. Is the truth the original version from the Almighty Creator or is it the edited versions over time, civilizations and human thinking?

These are the questions we seek to give the most honest answers to and share with you the love of our Almighty Father who sent His Son to save a world that had gone astray for He so Loves Us all regardless of our color, location or traditions.

Our vision it just so ambitious it might sound unrealistic on the face value but a sincere deep reflection opens you to a realm of truth that can bring the whole world together in peace and fulfill the purpose of true worship of Our Almighty Creator because every human who embraces this truth lives life and lives it more abundantly…

We shall introduce you to the true name of Our Almighty Father that He gave to the first generation and He indeed insists that He remains the same Yesterday, Today and Forever and that is why we obey that and refer to Him by His real name. For whoever calls upon His name and that of His Only son shall dwell in His Kingdom…

His name is Yahweh and His son’s name is Yahshua Messiah. We shall bring you to the true realization and the power of these names and reveal to you why these names have been completely erased and replaced with other names in different religions and religious groupings.

Our Assembly serves The Father of Love in our mission to open the eyes of the people, to turn them from darkness to light, and from the bondage of evil unto the Grace of Almighty Yahweh, that they may receive the forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them who are sanctified by faith in Yahshua Ha’Massiah.

Live Events

The Feast of Trumpets 11th...

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Feast Of Attonment on 20th....

Feast of Attonment on 2....

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Feast od Tabernacle

Feast of Tabernacle Sept 2022....

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Soul Winning

Pst. S.K Ng'ang'a


Bshp. Peter .G. Kihara


Pst. Gerrison Odare

Our Events

All Our events includes the feasts and Yahweh's celebration holidays in the Bible calendar

Septermber 11th, 2018

feast of Trumpets

It shall be held all over the country Kenya Regionally. e.g Central -> Tabuga - Nakuru

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September 20th, 2018

Feast of Atonement

All over the world in respective regions

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September 2022

Feast of Tabernacles

Shall be held at Tabuga, Nakuru, Kenya until....

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Our News

All youths are requested to attend their regional meetings to prepare for 2022 Youth Camp


Live News

Mission ongoing at Isbania, Nairobi, Nakuru and Gilgil

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June 20, 2018

USA Mission

Missioners now at U.S.A in collaboration with reach for Yahweh ministries

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July 16, 2018

Helping the Eldery

All the roads shall be heading to Ol'Kalau to see the elder founder of Messianic faith.

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Head Office: Zimmerman Nairobi,
Main covenant hall, P.O Box 79007 - 00400
Nairobi, Kenya